Come and join us for a BASHR3 campaign walk on 8th April 2017. We will be demonstrating just how noisy Brentford will be if Runway 3 goes ahead, as flights will approach the runway over the centre of our town most of the time and fundamentally change our quality of life.  

Starting point: On the steps of the Fountain Leisure Centre

finishing at Boston Manor Park, in the cafe by the childrens playground.

Heathrow expansion means hundreds of thousands of people not currently under a flight path will have planes directly overhead.

For more details email us on BashRunway3@gmail.com

Everyone is welcome to join us. The walk will take approximately 40min to complete. 



Robert Barnstone Barbara karayi Stephen Pawley Colin Lomas Christopher Richards Derek Collett Jill Haskell Eric Baker Victoria George Diane Scott Breda Crehan

Will you come?