3rd Runway Consultation

You can find out more about the Government Consultation on the draft AIRPORTS NATIONAL POLICY STATEMENT here:

Hard copies of the draft Airports NPS, consultation document and response form are also available by calling 0800 6894968.

If the feedback forms do not give you the opportunity to express your concerns, you can email: runwayconsultation@dft.gsi.gov.uk or send by Post: FREEPOST RUNWAY CONSULTATION

  • How much more noise will I experience in my home or garden?

  • Where will the new approach paths be within 6 miles of the runway? (it's not impossible to work out that the approach path will be over the north side of Chiswick, then central Brentford, Osterley and north Heston)

  • Will the respite periods for the approach to the current runways remain 8 hours or be reduced? If so, by how much?

  • How many more cars vans & lorries will enter/leave the airport? How many will be carrying passengers, or staff, or freight? How many more for servicing flights?

  • What increases in road and rail capacity are planned?

  • And who will pay? the taxpayer, or airline passengers?

  • What will be the additional safety risk of a plane catastrophe with a third runway? - and how would the ground-based consequences compare with the consequences for the much less heavily populated Gatwick area should the worst happen?

  • How will noise and pollution issues be measured, addressed and mitigated?

  • Will there be independent scrutiny of how the airport operates, in terms of noise, traffic insulation schemes and air pollution?

  • What climate change emissions would there be and how would they affect the UK's carbon emissions targets?

  • What will happen if Heathrow doesn't keep to any of its commitments?


Approach paths (westerlies) – to existing runways (solid) and Runway 3 (dotted)


This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 25 May 2017.